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Having Fun with our New Walkie Talkies

We had a chance to try out our new walkie talkies outside the other day with our son Hudson (it was finally warm out!). It is so much fun to see your children exploring and playing outdoors, and its also great for expanding their imagination. Hudson is always seeing us talking on our cell phones, so once he got his hands on his walkie talkies, he felt like one of the adults:). As we played in the woods, he would hide behind the trees and pretend he was an undercover spy! All in all, they are a lot of fun.

The simple design helps out when your kids are trying to figure out how to use walkie talkies for the first time. This design was a big deciding factor when we were deciding on what talkies talkies were best for our customers and their children. I have always had a hard time programming walkie talkies any time we bought a pair, so I know kids will have the same problem. There are only 3 channels, and with the digital display it is extremely easy to program both walkie talkies on the same channel, and ready to communicate together. With minimal button choices, it makes it very easy to just turn them on and play for hours!

We are so confident you will like these Walkie Talkies that we backed them by our Manufactures 30 day money back guarantee. Click here to BUY NOW on Amazon!

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